Picture of Robert Philipps

My name is Robert Philipps and I am a Software Engineer with a Computer Science degree from FU Berlin, currently living in Berlin, working at eBay Inc. in a team of the eBay Classifieds Group. In my freetime I do competitive dancesport.

I started to go to school to Hermann-Herzog-Grundschule, and afterwards did my 'Abitur' (German A-Level) at the Paul-Natorp-Gymnasium in Berlin. After that I started studying Computer Science at the Freie Universität Berlin, one of Germany's official elite universities. I did my Minor in business administration.

While studying I started to work a Freelance for Friends and Family and with word spreading around I started doing that for more and more small and middle-sized businesses. This was quite successful and I started to more and more of coordinating and project management work and giving work to other freelancers.

But since I wanted to tackle bigger project, and build awesome products and absolutely love working in teams I started my first internship as a web development project manager for the Berlin based e-commerce Startup for hand-made paintings yourPainting. I did the Coordination of web development on project basis and general optimization of communicating processes between the branched development teams. Also, after a while, I had the Leadership in the website redesign process.

While working there I got the offer from my Professor to work in her working group. A since I wanted to see how working at a university is and wanted to learn more about user experience, I started at Freie Universität Berlin as a student research assistant of Prof. Dr. Müller-Birn (Web Science/Human-Centered Computing) in the work group "Networked Information Systems". I did research in the fields "HCC for Children" & "Improving website accessibility for children" and even coauthored a conference paper 'The procedure of the development of a target audience-centered interaction design - risks and opportunities [org. title in German]' published in 'Gender-UseIT 2014 (#GUI2014): HCI, Web-Usability und UX unter Gendergesichtspunkten'.

Because I now had experiences as a freelancer, in a startup and in research I wanted to work in a bigger company and joined Sopra Steria Consulting as an undergraduate trainee engineer (when I joined they were still named Steria Mummert Consulting). I worked with JavaEE & Ext in the GAS-X / ENER-GX unit. My Job was building new and refactoring old JavaEE backends, creating new GUIs with Ext JS. Conception and generic implementation of a RESTful API for JBoss.

My goal was always to once work for a Silicon Valley company and when eBay had a position open in Berlin it was clear for me I had to apply as an undergraduate trainee engineer. Luckily, I was successful and I starting working there in the eBay Kleinanzeigen team, which is responsible for Germany's biggest classifieds proposition.

After I finished my studies eBay offered me a fulltime job as a Software Engineer which I accepted. So here I am. Working on one of the biggest website in Germany with a extremely competent team from the whole world and with the newest tools including but not limited to Kafka, Cassandra, Hadoop, Docker, and a lot of RESTful APIs.

I my free time I love to do competitive ballroom dancing, currently in the second highest competition league of Germany. I once was a performance, dancer in the first national league of standard formation in the German Dancesport Association (DTV). Member of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB). Involving performance training and various appearances in front of big audiences. Coming from that I have a DTV Tournament Chairman License and was a club youth spokesman of my club's club youth and responsible for the representation of approx. 150 teens to the club executive board and to the regional federation.